About Us

Early in 2022, Sam G. Grout started Bocote Design Studio LLC. with the intent of offering simple solutions to complex design issues. Inspired by the years he spent learning at various custom furniture, decoration, and fine art studios in Denver, CO - he set out to target commercial curators, hobbyist creators, and individual consumers alike. In an ideal world, BDS will simultaneously offer professional industrial design consultancy, build-it-yourself tech packs, and finished products.

Creatively, Bocote gets its inspiration from the same place as its namesake; Mexico. The beauty one finds on trips there and to various Caribbean islands is consistently breath taking and usually induces reflection. The scenery, culture, and food are all unparalleled! We can distinctly appreciate the various exotic species of wood that hail from these areas. We can only hope to emulate some of that awe-inspiring beauty with designs and solutions BDS creates for clients.