Welcome to Bocote Design Studio

Apart from furniture, mechanical, and decorative designs, our specialty at Bocote Design Studio is "reality". We work with clients to hone and organize creative ideas into a real product - meaning visceral, while still complementing its environment. Real means feasible - it means form follows function, it means practical- that fabrication will be effortless. That has always been and will always be the mission at BDS.

Take a look at our flagship product, The Dobla Shelf, on the BDS Line page!

Here are a few client testimonials we've received for our industrial & architectural design consultancy:

Below are a few renders made for clients, along with post-fabrication photos

Springhill Suites: Denver, CO

Kinship Hotel: CO Springs

Finished client photo

Attachment method rendering for interior design approval and fabrication

Lilia Hotel: Waikiki, HI

Finish client photo; table set concept designed by Jules Wilson Design Studio